Grade 1 Lesson 7: Risk

It is never too early to begin explaining the concept of risk to #kids. Risk is any situation that exposes someone to danger. In some situations, we may have #tools or #strategies to #mitigate the risk. In other situations, we may not.

Some examples:
1. Situation: Riding a bike; Risk: Could fall and hurt your head; Mitigation: Wear a helmet
2. Situation: Crossing the street; Risk: Being hit by a vehicle; Mitigation: Look both ways before you cross

#Children must be encouraged to take risks since this will allow them to grow and explore. But they need to think about #mitigation strategies to #minimize the #risks

When it comes to #finance and #investing, there are a lot of places where we can #invest #money. And all of these #investments have a certain level of risk. The trick is finding a balance between risk and #reward. For example, if you leave your money in a #bank, it is very #lowrisk, but the reward is also low (banks don’t pay much #interest). Investing in #stocks is a higher risk than the bank, but the reward can be higher as well.

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