Grade 3 Lesson 1: Financial Goals

After completing 5 short lessons covering key #financialliteracy topics for grade 2 students (6-year-olds), today we start our short lessons for grade 3 students (7-year-olds) with our first topic - #financial #goals

What are financial goals?
Financial goals are the personal objectives you set for how you’ll #save and #spend #money. They can be things you hope to achieve in the short term or further down the road. Either way, it’s often easier to reach your goals if you identify them in advance.

Think about what’s important to you as you begin to set goals. It’s completely normal to have several goals, and for them to change over time.

Examples of financial goals include:
#Buying a new toy
#Paying for a new haircut
#Saving for future #education
#Investing in #bitcoin
Starting a small #business
Feeling financially secure

Why financial goals matter?
Having financial goals can help shape your future by influencing the actions you take today. For example, say your goal is to buy a new cycle. You might cut back on buying ice cream and use the money you save to buy a cycle instead. Without establishing that goal, you’re more likely to continue spending on ice cream or similar things as usual.

Identifying goals and creating a realistic #plan for them allows you to track progress and can motivate you to keep going. Even if you fall short, you might develop some healthy #money habits along the way.

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