Grade 3 Lesson 2: Saving

Saving is when you take some potion of what you #earn, don't #spend it today, but set it aside for the future. For kids, the biggest source of #earning is typically their allowance or part-time jobs they may do.

So many adults struggle with saving, probably because they did not learn what saving is, why it is important, or how to save when they were in school.

One way to #save is to simply look at everything you have earned and FIRST set aside some small part of your earnings. That way you have only a portion of your earnings available to spend, and you may end up making #smarter #spending #decisions.

Saving is easier when you have a specific #goal in mind – whether that’s a long-term goal like a #college #education or a short-term goal like buying toys. With a specific goal, you will be motivated, knowing you are saving for something that you really want.

By saving, you gain peace of mind, learn to distinguish between #needs and #wants, develop good money management habits, and most importantly, achieve your #financialgoals more quickly.

When you save regularly, you automatically reduce unnecessary #purchases and are able to make smart #money decisions.

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