Grade 5 Lesson 5: #Resume

Whenever someone needs to look for a job, the prospective employer will typically ask for a Resume. A Resume is a written summary of qualifications, skills and work-related experience of an individual. A Resume is an important tool in job search efforts. It is a way for anyone to show that they have the right skills/knowledge for the role and thus are the right person

Some data to include in a good Resume:
-Contact information
-Work experience
-Skills and abilities
-Extra-curricular activities/achievements

A Resume is a reflection of you – it should tell your story to a prospective employer in such a way such that s/he wants to speak with you, and ultimately hire you. Some tips to write a good Resume:
-Keep format simple and easy to read
-Make sure contact details are up-to-date
-Tailor resume to suit the job
-Focus on the positives – strengths, abilities and achievements
-Proofread – check your spelling and grammar

Things to keep in mind as kids write their first Resume:
-Resume should be 1 page and should use a 12 or 14 point font
-Use action words. Some examples: observed, organized, assisted, developed, trained, tutored, and researched.
-Be creative
-Talk about your goals and objectives

As an exercise, keeping the above in mind, create your first Resume and get it reviewed by parents and teachers.

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